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Babies - Toddlers

Babies - Toddlers

A gentle approach that will help your baby fall asleep easily night after night..


A supportive sleep solution to help your child learn to fall asleep from a place of confidence not fear..


An effective approach to help your teenager understand and take control of their sleep again..


A highly effective approach to stop your struggle with; falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up tired..

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Your Family Sleep Specialist

Michelle Cyril

Are you fed up of all the; bedtime battles, broken nights, grumpy mornings and days when you are so tired you cannot function?

If that is you, welcome! 

I cannot wait to help you.  When a child’s sleep is so bad or feels so complex you just don’t know where to start it can feel overwhelming.

So many families I work with say they wished they had contacted me sooner as I support them to make bedtime easier, the multiple wake ups at night stop so they wake feeling rested ready to take on the day.

Let’s chat, I would absolutely love to hear what sleep struggles you have. 

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Your Family Sleep Specialist

Michelle Cyril

I am on a mission to help your family and loved ones get a better night’s sleep.  I will help you teach your family to fall asleep independently from a place of confidence, not fear. Within just a couple of weeks, the results will be clear and your family will fall asleep more easily and wake feeling rested. As a mother of twins, I know personally how unbearable the effects of sleep deprivation can be which is why I am here to support you, book your FREE 15 minute call today. Better sleep starts here.

What to expect

A bespoke evidence based approach

Understand your
sleep situation

Before creating any sleep recommendations for your family, I first need to understand your sleep situation

Evidence based

Once I have understood it, I will collate my sleep recommendations, which are evidence based and informed by sleep science.

Offer sleep
management options

I will offer you different sleep management options that will resolve your sleep struggle.

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Sleep Successes

Will you be the next sleep success story?


"We first contacted Michelle when we were having 15+ wake ups a night. She has made a HUGE difference to our lives."

7 month old twins , Video Consult
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7 Month Old Twins – I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough. We first contacted her when we were having 15+ wake ups each night with our nearly 7 month old twins. They couldn’t self settle and both needed rocking to sleep. They were both very dummy dependant especially our smaller twin. We initially had a 90 minute call and Michelle gave us a tailored plan which we implemented over a 2 week period. By this time we were dummy free and with noticeably less wake-ups and decided to go forward with 2 weeks of daily contact with Michelle to further improve our sleep situation. 7 weeks from our initial call and we are now waking once a night to feed the twins who are sleeping 7-6.30. Michelle was fantastic throughout the process and was so patient with our many questions and queries. Michelle has made a HUGE difference to our lives, we are better parents and are no longer living life through a sleep deprived fog and our twins are thriving on the sleep routine we have implemented. The process wasn’t an overnight fix but it was 100% worth it and I will go back to Michelle if we have any sleep issues as our twins get older. Harriet and Tom

" It is like a dream come true for all of us. I cannot thank Michelle enough for what she had helped us achieve. There’s no looking back."

2 & 3 year olds – Video consult
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2 and 3 year old siblings – It is like a dream come true for all of us. I contacted Michelle in utter sleep deprivation desperation. Our family’s sleep problems felt complex and beyond repair. Our evenings and nights had become a never ending rollercoaster of trying to get someone to sleep, back to bed, or back to sleep again. It was unrelenting. We felt broken and exhausted. That’s when we reached out for help and Michelle has changed our lives. Michelle’s empathic, holistic approach right from the outset was clear; she wanted to really dig deep and understand our unique family situation. Her comprehensive sleep diary, a bespoke family profile and video consult with us both were thorough. As soon as she had crafted a plan for us, we knew it would work. Every step of the way she explained – with genuine compassion – what changes were needed and why.  From that very first night when we set our plan into motion everything changed, both our children went to bed and stayed in their bed. And just a few weeks later, they now both sleep through the night. From 7pm until after 6am.   There was no trauma, no huge upheaval, just a gentle shift into a different way of approaching bedtime & night-time for all of us.  My partner and I suddenly have our evenings together and the children are getting the proper unbroken sleep they have always needed. I cannot thank Michelle enough for what she had helped us achieve. There’s no looking back. Forever grateful. Meg and Clare

"With Michelle’s help our son has turned his sleep around, improved his health and wellbeing too. We are so thankful for all her help!"

18 year old – Video consult
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18 year old – We would absolutely, 100%, recommend Michelle, her support was outstanding. It has been such a relief to get our 18 year old son back into a good sleeping pattern again. We had a video consultation which was robust and thorough, Michelle gained our son’s confidence and he ‘bought into’ the plan she created for him. During his support weeks she really encouraged him, if something wasn’t working for him she always came up with alternatives. Michelle kept adjusting the plan to make things realistic for him to achieve between their support calls. He got a real ‘kick out of’ achieving some of the targets she set him. When he started to get unbroken sleep which improved his cognitive function he really saw the benefits of all the changes she had recommended. With Michelle’s help our son has, not only, turned his sleep around but improved his health and wellbeing too. He is happier, feels much better about himself and is now working full time. We are so thankful for all her help. John and Sinead

"Within two weeks my sleep had improved. I was not able to do this on my own. I am so relieved I sought Michelle's help when I did. "

Nadia, 52 – Video Consult
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I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough. I had endured phases of extremely poor sleep since I was a teenager. More recently, in my early 50s, I was really struggling and often feeling quite desperate. I realised I needed to seek professional help and Michelle was recommended to me. Following an in-depth and collaborative consultation, Michelle put together a programme which suit me and my lifestyle. Thanks to her, within two weeks my sleep had improved. I was not able to do this on my own, without the help of a professional. I am so relieved I sought Michelle’s help when I did. Nadia

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